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The Amritsar Central Cooperative Bank Ltd., Amritsar was established on registered on 14.7.1922 having 57 Branches in the district under Cooperative Bank Society Act 1912 with an area of operation Amritsar1, Amritsar11, Ajnala, and Baba Bakala Tehsil.

In the Cooperative banking structure the position of the Amritsar Coop Bank is extremely important as a whole short term credit system revolves around it. The bank aims at sound banking practices and observe strict financial discipline. The Amritsar Central Cooperative Banks are financing the farmers through PACS at the village Level. From a farmer, artisan to traders/businessman, everybody has been covered in the fold of this institution.

ACCB FI Vision:
With a committment to reach the unbanked and to extend financial sevices at afforadble cost and endeavour to financially uplift un-previleged people through developmental banking initiatives on a sustainable basis.

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Inside Hall Gate, Amritsar, Punjab 143006

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0183-5010226,5099101, 2543351

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accb0183@rediffmail.com, dccbamr@gmail.com