Financial Literacy Center (FLC)

In order to spread financial services in the area of Amritsar district, The Amritsar Central Cooperative Bank Ltd. is making its best possible contribution through two financial literacy centres. These FLCs have been established with the support and grant assistance from National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development under FIF plan.

The major objectives of these FLCs are

1. To provide financial counselling services in a non intimidating environment using local languages.
2. To advocate advantages of connecting with the formal financial sector.
3. To provide education on financial planning, responsible borrowing, productive and early savings, debt counselling, micro pension and insurance.
4. To educate about various financial products and services available from the formal financial sector.
5. To formulate debt restructing plans for borrowers in distress and recommend the same to formal financial institutions for consideration.
6. To take up any other such activities that promote financial literacy, awareness about banking services, financial planning and amelioration of debt related distress of an individual.

Broad Guidelines for FLC's

1. The financial literacy efforts of FLCs will encompass basic issues like the need for saving and starting early savings, making use of bank services, linking borrowing with repayment capacity, timely repayment, insurance and pension.
2. The FLCs and rural branches of the banks will also conduct outdoor financial literacy camps with focus on financially excluded people. For the purpose, the help of experienced NGOs may also be taken.
3. The basis focus of the FLC will be financial literacy.
4. FLC staff will be provided training to work as effective trainers. There should be also a system of providing periodic knowledge up-gradation on various banking products and services.


Sr. No. Name of Bank Name of the FLC Name & address of Branch where FLC is attached District where FLC is located Block where FLC is located
1. Amritsar DCCB Amritsar DCCB VPO Verka Amritsar Verka
2. Amritsar DCCB Amritsar DCCB VPO Majitha Amritsar Majitha
3. Amritsar DCCB Amritsar DCCB VPO Jandiala Guru Amritsar Jandiala Guru
4. Amritsar DCCB Amritsar DCCB VPO Harsha chhina Amritsar Harsha chhina
5. Amritsar DCCB Amritsar DCCB VPO Chogawan Amritsar Chogawan
6. Amritsar DCCB Amritsar DCCB VPO Tarsikka Amritsar Tarsikka
7. Amritsar DCCB Amritsar DCCB VPO Gandiwind Amritsar Gandiwind
8. Amritsar DCCB Amritsar DCCB VPO Rayya Amritsar Rayya
9. Amritsar DCCB Amritsar DCCB VPO Ajnala Amritsar Ajnala


Supported Under FIF Managed by NABARD

Inside Hall Gate, Amritsar, Punjab 143006

Phone No:
0183-5010226,5099101, 2543351

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